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Leon Lantern
Leon Lantern

Leon Lantern

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The Leon Lantern is currently a part of the "Extra-Ordinary" exhibition, a design show that explores conscious consumerism through artisan-made objects. The piece will be held in the Pollak Library at the California State University of Fullerton through late November. It is still available for purchase and can be delivered starting at the beginning of December 2019.

Barro Rojo or Red Clay is a traditional type of ceramics made in San Marcos Tlapazola, a small pueblo in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Known in their community as las mujeres del barro rojo, (the women of the red clay), these women turn earth into gorgeous ceramic pieces by using techniques passed down over generations. The creation process takes weeks and demands physical strength and perseverance. They begin by excavating earth from the fields and mountains close to their home. Next, they transform the earth through a multi-step process into clay that is ready for modeling. Perfectly rounded pieces are made completely by hand, using only natural materials, such as corn cobs, to help shape the clay. Once the form is made, the piece is set to dry, shaved down, coated in red clay, dried again, and then polished. The final step is the firing, which is done through a unique process in which the ceramics are placed in an outdoor fire pit with brush and branches to burn.

The Barro Rojo Collection is designed in collaboration with Emerenciana Aquino Martínez and Stephanie Gardner. A mix of traditional and contemporary pieces, the collection can be used decoratively in your home. Barro Rojo is safe to eat and drink from. Color variations due to firing are a part of the natural beauty of this type of ceramics. Styles may vary in size.