Wear a conversation starter.

We partner with weaving communities and master shoemakers to bring you world-class artisanal footwear.
Functional Design

Our soles are methodically molded to provide arch support. With long summer walks in mind, our sandals and mules are designed with the upmost attention to detail. Crafted to keep feet cool, supported, and comfortable.


Our mission is to participate in the conservation of weaving traditions. We support rural economies and their way of life.


Macavuana was born from our work with palm weaving communities in Oaxaca, Mexico.

We presented the concept of weaving leather for shoes to the Garcia family. This was not something they had done before but they decided they wanted to try something new.

Together, we began the process of adapting the skills and techniques of palm weaving to leather weaving.

After two years of experimentation and dozens of iterations, we are ready to share Macavuana with you.

Nudo Mixteco Mule

experience butter-soft handwoven comfort
Ipomeia Slide

carry nature with you where ever you go

Capim Sandal

blending age-old ritual and modern comfort