Pieza Ancestral
Pieza Ancestral
Pieza Ancestral
Pieza Ancestral

Pieza Ancestral

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Pieza Ancestral is handmade by Taller Coatlicue, a pottery studio in Santa Maria Atzompa, Oaxaca, Mexico. Atzompa is a Zapotec town that has been a major producer of pottery since the Monte Alban period, over 2,500 years ago. 

Ana Maria and her family mold their pieces on a hand-operated wheel. Through adventurous experimentation, the Alarzon Martinez family has innovated in design and firing methods achieving an extraordinary result that is both ancient and modern, traditional and contemporary. 

  • approximately 3.5 inch in diameter
  • interior glaze
  • grey exterior

This unique ceramic bowl can be used in a variety of ways including holding jewelry, for burning ceremonial plants, or any creative use you can think of. It is food safe. 


Color variations due to firing are a part of the natural beauty of this type of ceramic. Pieces will vary slightly in size.

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